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Of course, as Alka Press International continues to publish books in the future, these will also be available for purchase via this web site. Currently, Weisenmiller is working on a book of non-fiction reportage about China.

In his over 35 year career as a print and radio reporter, Weisenmiller has met and interviewed many famous people. Among them were the internationally known journalist, who worked primarily for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Alistair Cooke, as can be seen on the picture on this page.​

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Photo of The Great Wall of China murals at the United Nations by Teddy Chen/UN Photo

This is the web site of the company based in Florida known as Alka Press International. It is the intention of A.P.I.’s owner that this site be both informative and engaging in scope. With luck, skill, and maybe even talent, author/historian/reporter Mark Weisenmiller plans on publishing nonfiction books that he writes for as many upcoming years as possible. This web site is the place to go to order those books. To do so can be done by either calling the toll-free telephone number of 1-855-456-4793 or by order from this web site’s shopping cart link and following the link’s instructions.