Having been a print and radio reporter for over 35 years, Mark Weisenmiller knows that reporters, from all types of media outlets, are always battling deadlines.

Working on the assumption that some of these reporters will be working on deadlines when reviewing his books, as well as books that he will publish with Alka Press International in the upcoming years, and/or also possible working on feature stories about the author/historian/reporter, Weisenmiller wants to make himself available as possible to would-be interviewers.

Media Information

Alka Press International has teamed with Phase V, the all-purpose distribution and sales order company, to make available “Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West A New Kind Of Book” for purchasers. Simply click onto the shopping cart link, and complete the easy to follow instructions and, presto!, a copy (or copies, if so purchased) is/are on their way to you!​​

The best way that reporters can get in contact with him is by visiting the Contact Alka Press Page, which can be found on the left hand side of this web site’s home page, and to send an e-mail using the form there. Depending on his work and travel schedule, he will try to reply to all reporters who attempt to contact him at that e-mail as soon as possible.

Reviewers may use the covers of “Chet Huntley: Newscaster From The West  A New Kind Of Book” and “Behold, The Mediterranean,” as well as all upcoming books to be published by Alka Press International and which will be available via this web site, to accompany their stories. However, that is the ONLY permissible usage of the books covers by reviewers. Other non-allowed misuses of reproductions of book covers and also those books contents published by Alka Press International will result in IMMEDIATE litigation.

For reviewers of Alka Press International-published books who desire some other ideas for photographs to accompany their stories, please contact Mark Weisenmiller and he will be glad to be of assistance in this particular matter as much as possible.